Societal change driven by digital innovation.

iDROPS is a digital innovation agency active in the social and cultural sector. Our goal is to make the world a better place with digital innovations.


How to get your story told on the internet

WEBDOX 2014 is an inspiring multiday event about successfully telling your story through digital channels and different media. WEBDOX 2014 is here for you to inspire, discover and learn digital strategies of storytelling, web documentaries and how to transform your data into a great story.


Come and join us at iBAR

Everyone is welcome at the first edition of our community meeting: i-BAR! Come join us on Friday March 28th for an evening on crowdfunding. Household name Bart Becks (co-founder of SonicAngel, and other ventures) will serve as keynote speaker. It’s a great opportunity to meet all the great people we work with. Entr


Wanted: people with innovative ideas for the book sector.

A novel that comes to life? A digital cooking book with ratings? An interactive tourist guide through multiple channels? What’s your innovative idea for the book sector?


Our work

Social Innovation LAB Belgium 2013

Following SIL in 2012 and other global editions in the UK and Australia, iDROPS organizes the Social Innovation LAB Belgium 2013. SIL Belgium 2013 is a trajectory where social experts in the field of poverty and social exclusion, people from the IT sector, professional creatives or even interested enthusiasts can meet each other to create digital and sustainable solutions for poverty.

Museum LAB 2013

MuseumLAB Ghent is a three day creative LAB organised by iDROPS in collaboration with FARO, the Flemish Interface Institution for Cultural Heritage. In this LAB you will meet creative professionals and explore unexplored paths. You will spend three days exploring the potential of digital technologies to create magical experiences in museums, online and on location.